Openfields Work

Challenging Community Leaders in 5 Cities to Rethink Early Childhood Development

Arts Early Childhood Grant Development
Working with Institute for Child Success, Openfields helped design and implement a National Endowment for the Arts Creativity Connects grant in partnership with the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts - the flagship education program of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts—supports over 100,000 children and early childhood educators across the nation and around the world.
Watch more videos from the project: Creativity Connects @ Wolf Trap

The project engaged leaders in Seattle, Milwaukee, Charleston, Denver, and Los Angeles, to:

  • Spark dialogues about the power of the arts in early childhood education among community educators, artists, business and government leaders and other arts and early education professionals
  • Conduct in-classroom residencies with Wolf Trap Teaching Artists, where community stakeholders could see the work in action
  • Develop issue briefs that take a critical look into key issues identified by each community, including STEM, inclusion, language development and literacy, and social/emotional development
  • Award an artist fellowship to a local community artist to produce an original piece focused on the arts and early learning. Artists are charged with developing a work that explores the meaning of childhood in America, how it’s changed, and our vision for the future