Foresight Higher Education Strategy

Openfields working with the Center for Public Policy & Research at the University of Kansas

A Future with Foresight.
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Openfields is partnering with the Center for Public Partnerships & Research (CPPR) at the University of Kansas to provide their team, and their partners, with better tools to think about the future in order to understand how the world is changing and to develop more adaptive, responsive leaders, policies, and programs.

Foresight, or the practice of generating insights about the future to inform strategy today,
is not a typical dimension of work for social impact organizations of any kind. Recognizing this, CPPR has an opportunity to define a new position in the marketplace, as a social impact institute helping partners anticipate how social, cultural, and economic trends are affecting the lives of the people and communities they seek to serve.

Goals of this project are to:

  1. Learn more about how foresight works and equip CPPR team members with skills and tools to integrate foresight into their current workflow
  2. Develop a portfolio of possible scenarios for the future of CPPR using foresight tools and skills (practicing foresight)
  3. Develop distinct CPPR model and method for foresight
  4. Design a strategy for implementing the new approach in current and future programming