Openfields Work

United Women's Empowerment: Policy Strategy & Scaling the Appointments Project

Leadership Strategy Philanthropy
Openfields has worked closely with the executive leadership team at United Women's Empowerment to:

  • Assess and develop a new policy / advocacy strategy
  • Develop a creative pitch and strategic messaging for the Appointments Project 
  • Provide strategic advising to help UWE establish a national brand reputation 

United WE's Mission
United WE advances all women’s economic and civic leadership to make meaningful change
Since 1991, United WE has invested wisely in the success of women of all ages. We envision a world where all women are empowered to strengthen America’s economy and democracy. United WE tackles barriers to women’s economic growth and unlocks women’s economic potential through research, policy solutions and civic engagement.

United WE unites with appointees, elected officials, community leaders, supporters and everyday women to positively impact hundreds of thousands of women. Our impact includes fielding 18 research studies and briefs on the economic development of women, contributing to policy reforms that advanced equal pay efforts, increased paid family leave, removed barriers to women’s professional licensing and entrepreneurship and aided in fighting against sexual harassment. Through our award-winning Appointments Project, we have assisted nearly 150 women in getting appointed to civic boards and commissions.