Charlotte NPOs Cohort Learning

Openfields hosts 2Gen learning cohort with United Way of Central Carolinas

The Project
We are proud to work with United Way of Central Carolinas and thirty Charlotte-area NPOs to deliver an educational workshop on the mindsets and models of the 2Gen movement and to work with a focused cohort of those organizations to develop specific strategies for pursing more integrated, holistic programs. 

Our Approach: Community & Relational Health
We believe that current efforts among NPOs to move toward 2Gen frameworks is part of a wider realization that isolated interventions can be more effective when they take into account a whole person, a whole family, and a whole community, and when they acknowledge that we all thrive in reciprocal, responsive relationships.  2Gen is a strategy to move NPOs in this direction. It presses organizations to evaluate their own theory of change, the way they measure impact, and how they can improve partnerships and collaboration. Our hope for the learning experiences is that all participants would be able to articulate a vision for holistic relational and community health and see 2Gen as a strong next-step strategy for advancing that vision – as a means, rather than an end.

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