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Announcing a strategy partnership with KnowledgeWorks

The Partnership 
Openfields is proud to announce a partnership with KnowledgeWorks, the leading source of insights on the future of K-12 education and personalized learning, to help foundations and other community impact organizations translate the first forecast on the future of young children and their families into action. 

In partnership with Capita, KnowlegeWorks recently published, Foundations for Flourishing Futures, to explore how major social, economic, environmental, and technological shifts are likely to affect young children and their families in the future. The forecast explores five domains:

  • Health by the Numbers (community health)
  • Learning in Flux (early learning)
  • Stretched Social Fabric (family and social isolation)
  • Autonomy Gaps (inequality, changing childhood)
  • Care at the Core (multigenerational caregiving)

Through workshops and strategic advising that complement and customize the forecast, Openfields will help organizations and their leaders reimagine what the future of their community, or impact-area, might look like, so they can develop more adaptive, holistic strategies for change. 

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