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Openfields offers a suite of integrated research, strategy, and design services to help you deepen knowledge, expand your vision for the future, and accelerate big ideas.
+ Curated Research
We distill information from primary and secondary research across multiple sectors into clear insights and best practices. We cut through the noise to identify trusted sources and leading studies most consequential to your strategic objectives. We develop custom knowledge feeds to ensure you stay current on trends and emerging issues.
+ Data Analysis & Visualization
We analyze and visualize complex data to help clients make better decisions and develop high-impact programs. We assess and develop evaluation models for social impact.
+ Foresight &
Trends Mapping
In a rapidly changing world, social impact organizations must be highly agile, anticipating opportunities and threats, continually evaluating their strategies, and innovating to sustain and expand their mission. We develop trends maps and identify emerging issues to help leaders understand what the world might look like tomorrow so their organization can be ready to respond today.
+ Scenario Planning
Scenario planning is a disciplined method for imagining and designing multiple possible futures for an organization. This approach helps breaks down territorial thinking and linear, tunnel vision, by immersing leaders in a very different futures. Insights from multiple scenarios generate creative, collaborative thinking about the core identity of an organization and its potential for impact.
+ Strategy
We help organizations quickly articulate a dynamic vision for the future and develop proactive strategies to achieve measurable results. Our accelerated and adaptive planning process includes examining strengths and weaknesses, engaging stakeholders, conducting best practice research, and thinking critically about environmental trends and opportunities.
+ Program Design
Often the best way to put data-driven insights and a creative vision for the future into action is to design (or redesign) a signature program. Drawing from human-centered design techniques, we work with leaders and community members to identify needs, clarify goals, and design engaging programs and networks that deliver results.
+ Project Incubation
We help design, nurture, and scale creative social impact organizations and projects, supporting visionary leaders who champion new ways of thinking and working for change. We know that the success of such vision depends on effective systems, support, and access to a mission-aligned community. So we offer strategic insight, operational support, and key network access to accelerate big idea and startup organizations.

Check out Capita, the latest social impact organization we've incubated.

Based on our experience working with dozens of executives leading social impact initiatives and with organizations to design creative and engaging learning experiences, Openfields is now offering custom learning experiences for leaders to develop a deeper sense of their own purpose and a clearer voice for impact.